It’s the Hunting Season

Trophy Whitetail Deer

At the Wildcat Mountain Ranch we believe that we have the most quality whitetail deer from the native herd in the area. Our management program includes feeding high protein feed and planting protein enriched food plots at strategic times of the year to ensure maximum antler and body growth. Preservation of natural habitat, culling, and population management are also key to our success. Our deer herd is still the native herd and we have not introduced any new genes to the ranch. Our management program has allowed our bucks to grow tremendously over the last 20 years and as a result of our outstanding game management practices, Wildcat Mountain Ranch has been awarded a State of Texas game management certificate. This certification allows our guest to hunt deer on the ranch during the Texas Archery and Black Powder seasons with rifles. This allows our hunters to hunt up to one month earlier and two weeks later than other Texas venues. With patients and hard hunting shooting your trophy whitetail should be accomplished. All of our deer hunts are guided one-to-one by friendly and very knowledgeable guides that live on the ranch and know what the deer movement is at the time of your hunt. We offer spot and stalk, hunting over feeders and horseback hunts.

Join us this hunting season for a prime steak followed by a relaxing evening at the fire pit, and lets hunt for your trophy of a lifetime!

Management Hunts

The Wildcat Mountain Ranch offers management buck and doe hunts each season. A management buck is any mature, quality buck with less than 10 Points and scores below 140 BC. You and your personal guide will not hunt any differently than you would on a trophy buck hunt. Guest will hunt mornings and evenings or all day in search of a big management buck. We have some extremely nice management deer on the ranch, and more than not would be considered a trophy to many deer hunters. We have a 100% success rate with our management buck hunts. During a Management Hunt you will enjoy accommodations in our Lodge, with meals included.

Rio Grande Turkey

Wildcat Mountain Ranch offers guided and unguided spring turkey hunts. The creeks and draws on the ranch provide ideal roosting habitat, and the planted fields offer open strutting zones for spring gobblers. Our spring season usually begins in the first week of April and ends the second week in May. We limit our turkey harvest to 6-8 gobblers per year. We are proud to offer only trophy toms each year due to our management practices. This gives us a trophy rich environment. Birds harvested average from 9 3/4 to 13 inches each year.

Quail Hunting

Wildcat Mountain Ranch stewards what is probably the largest population of wild Bobwhite and Blue Quail per acre in Coke County. Quail must have a year round adequate supply of food and reasonable protection from the hazards to his kind of living. As a result of our continued management plan that includes grubbing and seeding, we have reestablished native grasses, food sources and brush shelters that create cover for our birds. We do not over hunt our birds, and prefer to only take a few birds out of each covey rise. Wildcat Mountain Ranch has an ongoing partnership with Dale Rollins and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch. Wildcat Mountain has hosted the RPQRR'S annual Quail Appreciation Day, and our ranch is used as a research and demonstration facility to foster our understanding and management of bobwhite and blue quail in West Texas. Quail are a focus of all we do here on the Ranch. Whether it’s our prescribed burning, grazing management or our fondness for certain “weeds”—everything here points to quail, so we have quail!

Pheasant Hunts

Wildcat Mountain Ranch offers Texas Class Wing-Shooting for pheasant right here at the ranch. Pheasant hunting is available from the first week of October through the last week of March. Our clients know that our fields provide a tremendous hunt for their pointers and flushing dogs; but if you're not a dog owner, we'll set you up with one of our experienced guide and dog teams. Pheasant hunts must be booked in advance. Please contact us for pricing.

Tower Shoots (Pheasant or Pigeons)

Tower Shoots are also a specialty of ours. For years our Tower Shoots have been a very popular part of our hunting calendar. With between 20 and 30 shooters, and up to 300 rocketing pheasants, or sporadic flying pigeons there is no shortage of stories to share at the lunch table. Wildcat Mountain's Tower Shoots are perfect for corporate events. Tower Shoots must be booked in advance. Please contact us for pricing.